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The Lumber Situation in Canada. How Fires, Droughts, Tariffs, and More are Impacting Canadian Lumber

The Canadian lumber industry is facing a series of challenges that are putting it in a state of crisis. From wildfires spreading across Quebec and western Canada to the devastating impact of pine beetles and government regulations, the future of Canadian lumber is uncertain. In this video, we explore how these factors are affecting lumber prices and supply. While the fires in Quebec may have minimal impact on construction lumber prices due to the type of forests affected, the situation is much more severe in Alberta and British Columbia, where wildfires have ravaged millions of hectares. Additionally, the decline of healthy tree stands, the depletion of easily accessible beetle kill trees, and US tariffs on Canadian lumber are further exacerbating the industry's decline. Canadian lumber companies are responding by closing mills in Canada and investing in US mills to bypass tariffs and access growing markets. Join us as we delve into the challenges faced by the Canadian lumber industry and discuss the potential long-term impacts. Subscribe to my channel for more videos on lumber and lumber prices. Hang in there, Canada! We hope things improve soon.

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